Eduard si Bianca | Campioni Internationali ai magiei | Spectacole de magie profesionale pentru evenimentul tau!
Adaugă magie, stil și eleganță evenimentului tău doar cu Eduard și Bianca. Cei doi vă oferă un spectacol inteligent, vizual și personalizat pentru evenimentul dumneavoastră.
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clienti eduard si bianca

Add magic, style and elegance to your event by hiring Eduard & Bianca. The two magicians will amaze your guests with a visual, intelligent and customized magic show just for your company!

Choose the most unique magic show for your wedding, a show where the groom and the bride are the main characters. Eduard & Bianca have over 5 year experience in wedding magic and of course hundreds of satisfied clients.

Is your birthday or you just decided to throw a party?
Add some high quality magic from Eduard & Bianca to your event and amaze all your guests with modern and interactive magic!

Eduard & Bianca are the perfect choice for a big outdoor event because they are specialized in big, mesmerizing stage illusions. They performed in front of thousands of people and amazed them with original and dangerous illusions.

Eduard & Bianca are two of Europe’s most innovative and dynamic magicians and entertainers.

They mastered every category in magic from manipulation to close-up magic, stage magic, mentalism, big illusions or even kids magic … of course everything presented in a modern, unique and original way!

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